Welcome to LoveBess! I am so happy you are here. My first post really describes what my blog is about and why I started blogging again. You can find that post here. I started blogging to document my journey to and through motherhood. After a miscarriage and a discovery of a uterine abnormality the odds of me carrying a baby were slim. However, through many dark thunderstorms there is always a rainbow at the end. On pure faith alone and the power of prayer I was blessed to carry not only one baby but two babies. Full term, 22 months apart. I am the product of defying the odds, twice. I am proud of that and I hope to inspire and encourage you, whatever that may be.

I am 29 and currently living in the Kansas City area. Formerly a hairstylist, I have a major love for fashion, beauty, fitness, my family and motherhood. I have a major creative side that doesn’t always get exercised so with this blog I hope to explore that. Much love to you and I hope you stick around!

Bess, xx

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