Tuesday Talk – Embrace

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetMy baby is turning into a toddler and I’m in slight denial about it. How could he already be the age that Rocky was when I was pregnant with Ro?! It doesn’t seem possible. To gain perspective, I even dragged out the potty seat because he has shown signs of wanting to be potty trained. Are we really there yet? My mama heart hurts a little. Time please slow down! 
Reality hit me hard yesterday when I pulled out these star pajamas. Rocky wore these when Ro was just a new born. Are we really there yet? I mean yes truth be told we are, these jammies fit like a dream and Ro is just a couple months shy of Rocky in that photo. We really are there. My babies are growing up and there is nothing I can do about it. 

With motherhood there comes so many emotions. I could go on and on with how many emotions have been uncovered since becoming Mommy. With this new season the word embrace comes to mind. 

I remember feeling so scared and nervous once Rocky turned one. I felt pressured to have another baby or at least start trying because we really didn’t know if there would ever be another baby. My chances were so slim.

 I’d love to have another baby. Not now, but sometime. When I feel like it’s the Lord’s will and not just my own. Now that Ro is entering that stage of toddler hood and exiting baby hood I find myself wanting to change and bring new life because that’s just come naturally for the past three years. But right now I just need to embrace this season. Sit back and enjoy it. Stop worrying about the next thing or the next step. Love my two baby boys like there is no tomorrow. Breathe and only feel gratitude. 

Thanks for listening. 

XO, Bess 

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