Happy New Year!


Happy New Year friends! These are some of my favorite moments/pictures from last year. I look back and a year ago Ro was still so little and just learning how to walk. Rocky was starting to get the whole potty training business and I was finally settling into the new routine of having two babies at hand. Boy what a difference it does to a momma when you go from one baby to two babies, both still in diapers mind you. We made it out guys and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I mean right now Ro tells me when he poops and several times I’ve sat him on the potty seat to see if he will go. I mean I just can’t believe we are almost to that stage with Ro. Wasn’t I just there with Rocky?! That’t what 22 months apart will do to you. You blink and bam! Two toddlers.

Last year we had very special memories. We traveled to the lake a few times and up to Wisconsin. We also traveled by airplane (a first with the boys!) to Colorado. We loved going down to my parents in the summer to swim and be outside out in the open country. We picked strawberries with friends and went to many pumpkin patches and got a first time visit to Santa over Christmas. We celebrated Ro turning one, Rocky turning 3 and Jasen and I celebrating our seven year anniversary! And lastly I posted a few fashion posts on the blog and really felt proud of that. Not very many people know how much I love and adore fashion so to be able to post about it was pretty exciting for me.

This year marks a new year! I am looking ahead and can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017! We have several ideas where we would like to travel this year so that is exciting. I will be turning 30! Ekkk! Rocky will start pre-school in the fall. I hope to continue to hit Fusion three times a week, a goal I hit last year. I’d also like to drink more water and start getting up earlier to have quiet/devotion time before the boys wake up. And lastly I would love to post a few outfit posts every now and then. In a dream world I would love to be a fashion blogger 24/7 (am I weird to admit that?!) and maybe someday that will happen, but right now being where I am, Momma, is just fine. I love it and am so thankful for it.

Cheers to a New Year!
XO, Bess

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