Life Lately

img_6834This week I canceled everything and decided we needed a week at home with nothing to do, no where to go and no one to see. Sounds a little abrupt and maybe harsh but this season has been rough to say the least. Rough in the sense that we have been fighting sickness for a good solid two months. Usually it starts with Ro, goes to Rocky, hits me and J is the last to get it. There have been mulitple stomach bugs and many virus’ flying around and it will just about make a person go crazy. So Monday morning all schedules were in full motion until I got Ro up and started to unzip his onsie to change his diaper and noticed hives all.over.him. It scared me half to death and I immedetly got both Rocky and Ro into the car and headed to the doctor. Turns out its just a virus that needs to work its way out but it was enough for me to say ENOUGH. I get it, Ro is in this stage where EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. So natually he gets it. But good grief can a momma get a little relief?!?! This week has been wonderful to say the least. I get so caught up in our schedules and busy lifes and feel the need to commit to everything because the boys need it! We all need it at times, but then there are times where you just need to say pause. The entire week has been spent in our pjs with no makeup and no schedules, with home cooked meals and late night TV. A little medicine for the soul. Hope you all are having a good week!

xx, BessΒ img_6710img_6833Our Gingerbread Village! Rocky has never been more excited! He loved doing this and felt so proud!img_6832img_6831They were cooking me up some “car pancakes.” I mean there little imaginations are just so precious at this stage. Every day they are pulling out my kitchen tools to make something yummy for me.Β img_6735img_6736Day Bathin. Try it. The boys love it when we do this in the afternoon. Bubbles and toys they played for at least an hour. Gave me time to paint my toes too! Win win.img_6829img_6830img_6828We got our first snow yesterday and Rocky was so excited! He kept saying, “Momma we NEED to get out there, please!” I couldn’t say no and naps got pushed back because of it. Gosh I sure do love these babies.

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